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The UK legal services market is one of the most competent and regulated legal service markets in the world. Governed by strict codes of practices and regulation the market copes with one of the largest law books in the world.

Contesting a willThis is mainly due to the age of the legal system in the United Kingdom . In fact when you see a judge or magistrate sitting in court, you are actually looking at the result of 1,000 years of legal evolution.

This has made the law in some areas very complex with many laws and acts being modified and updated over time.

One of the oldest forms of law in the United Kingdom is that relating to Will, Last Will And Testaments, Death Planning, Inheritance Tax and Probate.

This whole are is very specialised and the rules in the UK can even very between the three judicial systems in England & Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

We have put together a few resources to help our readers find there way around these and other areas of English and United Kingdom Laws.

Making A Will can be undertaken by pretty much any high street solicitor or one of the many will writing companies.  If you are looking for a specialist than the STEPS qualification is a good guideline.

The next stage where people engage with the UK legal systems is when someone dies and their affairs need to be sorted out.

This is when you really need to seek the advise of a good probate solicitor.

Sometimes the beneficiaries of a deceased persons will might want to change the way the will is dispersed or split up. There are two possible scenarios.

  1. All beneficiaries are in agreement to the change and are above the age of majority
  2. All beneficiaries are not in agreement or someone has been left out of the will who thinks they should have been included.

In the first scenario the will can be changed via a deed of variation, this is a legal document that allows for all effected beneficiaries wish to change how a will is split or add additional beneficiaries.

In the second scenario where there is no agreement between potential beneficiaries a dispute may ensure and the last will and testament will have to be contested or disputed. Disputing a will in the UK can be a complex and costly exercise, it is therefore important to seek professional legal advice and understand the likelihood of winning your claim before you start.

The following video shows details of the process of contesting a last will and testament in England or Wales 

Additional information on the grounds for contesting a will can be found in this video about the




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